When the first cordage, the ancestor of today’s Edelweiss ropes was produced in Austria, mountaineering as a sport was barely born. It was 1790 and the Mont Blanc had recently been climbed for the first time. The needs of this brand new alpine culture were met by Edelweiss in 1935 when their first mountaineering rope was made. This was only the beginning in the pioneering development of mountain gear, the history of Edelweiss is landmarked by major innovations which supported the evolution of mountaineering and modern sport climbing.




In 1953, Edelweiss introduced the major innovation ever in the world of mountain sports: the first “kernmantle” rope was born, a rope made of a separate core covered by a braided sheath. The rope was more resistant to abrasion and more durable. But above all, it was safer to climb on! This safety opened the way to the mountains for many, and it is still used for all climbing ropes.

old braiding machine





Skills and experience are not something to sleep on, we work and learn everyday to be better. We achieve this thanks to an internal development and a know-how that go from design to production. The techniques, features and combination of the various parameters enable us to create and offer a wide variety of rope constructions specifically mastered for every kind of use.

in house production





Standards, certifications, tests, and real life, as well are the ultimate judges to the quality of our ropes. Impact force, breaking strength, we do not only conform to the standards, we commit to bringing more than this. When the standard requires a minimum of 5 UIAA falls, we want to reach 8, 9, 10… The Sharp Edge Resistant ropes are proof that we keep in mind what can happen on the field. Solid ropes, Safety first!

rope test





All this history and craft come together in order to bring you the best climbing experience and sensations. A comfortable rope to rely on and climb in full confidence is not only a precious ally for a successful day. It will enhance your feelings and help you enjoy more of that experience when each move is exactly connected to nature.

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